Sunday, 15 April 2012

Asynchronous & Synchronous Learning

any idea what is actually asynchronous or synchronous learning is ?

Asynchronous e-learning is commonly facilitated by media such as e-mail and discussion boards, supports work relations among learners and with teachers, even when participants cannot be online at the same time. Asynchronous e-learning makes it possible for learners to log on to an e-learning environment at any time and download documents or send messages to teachers or peers. Students may spend more time refining their contributions, which are generally considered more thoughtful compared to synchronous communication.

Synchronous e-learning, is commonly supported by media such as videoconferencing and chat, has the potential to support e-learners in the development of learning communities. Learners and teachers experience synchronous e-learning as more social and avoid frustration by asking and answering questions in real time.8 Synchronous sessions help e-learners feel like participants rather than isolates.

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today people are more exposed to various kind of learning such as asynchronous and synchronous learning. asynchronous is more to face to face learning that requires face to face interaction while synchronous learning are more to self paced learning. both this learning technique have its cons and pros but which is more efficient in delivering the information to its audiences because each individual have different style of learning. what do you think?

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